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    I have been having some issues setting up permissions on folders that I have created on a new file server.
    Here is what I have done so far:
    I have a Win2008R2 Ent. file server with all the roles installed.
    A SAN drive is attached to the file server and on that SAN drive I have created a folder called Departments and shared it. This folder is going to be the root folder. Under that folder, I have created several sub folders.
    Let’s just say the folders are:

    My plan is to have each group have read/write access only to their departmental folder.
    They should not be able to access folders belonging to the other departments. Accounting should only access acct folder, HR group should only access HR, Admin should only access the admin folder, etc.

    Permission on the departments root folder is set up as shown below:
    Domain admin has full control
    FS admins has FULL control
    Domain users have list control

    And here is how permission is set up on one of the sub folders:
    Let’s take the Finance group.
    Finance Group has Read/Write
    Domain Admins has Full cont.
    Domain user has list

    What I want to accomplish here is that I don’t want domain users group to list the contents of the folders.

    Right now they can do that.
    I removed the domain users group from the folder, but after doing that, the Finance group couldn’t access the folder at all. So I ended up putting it back. So please if anyone can give me a help, I would appreciate it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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