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    I have one XP SP3 client that has issues after it renews its DHCP lease the NetBOIS is disabled. If you use ipconfig /all its the last thing listed. Every other PC that gets an address from that server (SBS2003) has no issues and this PC did not have this issue for the first year+ that it was in service.

    I checked the local configuration and the netbios is not disabled, I checked the DHCP server and it is also not disabled. The only way I can get it back that I have found so far is to do a system restore, but as soon as the lease expires it happens again.

    I tried deleting the lease off the server, reserving that IP address and release/renew. I also tired assinging the PC a static manually nether one allowed me to re-enable the NetBIOS.

    System restored this AM so I will have to wait 8 days for it to do it again, but I want to have a solution ready this time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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