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    Where I work people tend to use windows messenger service alerts or “net send” for quick messages which is very useful. One very useful thing is to do

    net send * somemessage

    to send messages to everyone. However, this only sends it to all the machines on the same subnet. People in branch offices don’t get the net send message. We are in a single domain environment across sites with Active Directory sites configured and a domain controller at each site. Technically doing a

    net send /domain somemessage

    should send it to every machine in the domain but in reality it still only goes to every machine on the same subnet.


    1. Is it possible using the standard windows messenger service alerts to send to everyone across all subnets?
    2. Is it possible using the standard windows messenger service alerts to send to people in another specific subnet? (eg. my x.x.x.x subnet or my AD site or something)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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