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Need Urgent Help in Finding a desktop performance analysis tool

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    Dear All,

    We have thinking to initiate a project this Saturday 24th Aug 2013 in our Organisation to standardize our desktop laptop based on the user group.

    We have decided an approach like

    – Run Performance monitoring tool on every desktop and laptop to collect their performance report ( CPU,Memory,Disk) for a complete weeks period Saturday-Friday.
    – Collect the performance report and analyze the utilization to see how effectively a desktop or laptop is used.

    Now to achieve this I have come here to find a tool which runs on Desktop/Laptop and logs the CPU,RAM,DISK usage report onto CSV file on date basis each day.

    If the computer reboots in between the tool should update the CSV from where it left.

    Since we are running this app for a complete week it would be better if it writes a new CSV everyday automatically with Date as the file name.

    One last thing the app should start the counters automatically with windows startup .

    I have found samurize which is a good tool and fulfills most of the requirement, I need help if someone knows how to write the counter data to csv using samurize

    if not , a better tool which fulfills all the above criteria. Please help

    We are using mixed version of windows OS (XP,7 and 8)

    Quick help is much appreciated since we have very little time left :-(

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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