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    Hello we have a SBS 2008 I was running through a smoothwall firewall with port forwarding with all required and standard exchange ports. I recall during the setup an option for what I think is called setting up a smart host, or similar.

    We are going to be testing another product that will scan at the firewall level all incoming emails and I’m curious how to config the SBS and/or Exchange to look at that firewall. Don’t worry about the firewall config needs as I know that is my problem…I just don’t know what wizard or configs to change on the exchange side.

    What do I need todo and can you confirm what ports are effected since I don’t think exchange runs on the standard SMTP25. EDIT: OK I do see on my current firewall that SMTP25 is open and forwarded and no other alternate ports other then IMAP, HTTP, ect. Maybe I just answered my own question since the standard port is used…but anyone who wants to give any advise on config’ing these needs would be appricated since I’m new to routing email through the firewall for scanning and not just through it via port forward.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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