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    Ok, long posting….

    Sad as though it may seem, myself and my next door neighbour have linked our wired LANs. They’re using my fileserver for storing their pictures (clean…) etc, and we’re performing backups to each other’s house etc.

    My LAN is, and my router is

    Their LAN is, and their router is

    In order to allow traffic to flow between them, my router has a secondary IP address of, and on their router I’ve added a static route 192.168.1.x to

    Each house has the default gateway pointing to its own router.

    We have no DNS servers, except the DNS proxy that each router provides.

    IP-wise, everything works perfectly. I can ping their computers, they can ping my computers. BUT…we can only do this via IP address, and for convenience (e.g. mapping network drives) we’d like to do it via NETBIOS name. We can map network drives via IP address (e.g. [URL=”file://\”]\[/URL])

    If I type ping to access a computer in the other house, I get replies. If I type ping -a I get Pinging CHRIS-PC [] with 32 bytes of data, so there’s clearly an element of resolution happening.

    But if I type ping CHRIS-PC I get ping request could not find host CHRIS-PC.

    Needless to say I can ping any computer on my LAN via NETBIOS name and get a reply. They can ping any computer on heir LAN via NETBIOS name and get a reply. But we can’t ping by NETBIOS name across the network.

    Both computers (one on each LAN) are running Win7 RC, and therefore both have NETBIOS over TCP/IP enabled by default.

    The two routers in question are a Cisco 877 and a NetGear SRXN3205.

    I’m pretty sure this is a NETBIOS issue, but I’ve no idea what…

    Many thanks,


    PS I want to avoid HOSTS files

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