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    I have 2 GPOs, one is tightGPO and one is openGPO.
    My AD is like this:

    Domain Controllers

    At MyDomain.local level, I have tightGPO linked to the
    domain. I also have Allow Policy security ACL
    filtering on a user called MyUsr. When he logs into
    the domain, tightGPO secures his desktop.

    But when MyUsr log into a computer inside MyOU, I need
    MyUsr to be able to do some stuffs that he was not
    able to do with tightGPO. So I’ve created openGPO,
    and linked it to MyOU. I also set Allow Policy on
    with openGPO and MyUsr.

    I thought this should work since GPO is applied in
    this order:
    Default domain GPO

    But when I run gpresult, it did not show openGPO being
    applied to MyUsr when he logs into a computer in MyOU.
    I did not set any block inheritance or no overide.

    Plz advise.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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