need help to finalize my sbs 2008 setup, too many hairs pulled out

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    Hello Guys.

    I do not have 5 posts so I could not place the screenshots with img embedded so just place http to see the screenshot, sorry about that

    I am trying since beginning of january to make a make sbs 2008 and exchange 2007 working.
    My ultimate goal is to have a dozen of blackberry devices working on blackberry enterprise server plans with blackberry server express on the top of sbs and exchange 2007.

    So I will train to explain all the steps I have done with the most details possible.

    My hardware ibm x346 server quad core xeon 74 gb in raid 1 with 6gb of ram
    software : sbs 2008 exchange 2007
    SSL certificate : digicert ssl UC certificate
    Static IP
    domain name : registered with Enom

    I have through the reading of :
    -how to cheat at configuring exchange 2007
    -windows small business server 2008 administrator companion
    -small business server 2008 installation, migration, and configuration
    -mastering windows small business server 2008

    I have successfully installed the sbs 2008 software, right now I am blocked with 2 problems I could not find a solution in any of the books or online.

    1st Question :
    what is the address I should put in the dns of my domain registrar from who I bought the domain name I have on my server ? see screenshot


    2nd question :
    I can not add the UC ssl certificate I bought from digicert, I did the export import process and I can see it in my mmc console but when I launch the wizard add a trusted certificate, I only see the default self issued from sbs 2008. I don t know if
    it could have a link with the the name I saved it, I saved it under and I noticed all the name in the list start by remote…. so do you think renaming my certificate by would solve the problem see screenshot
    the 4 domain SAN used for my certificate are :


    thank you in advance

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