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Need help recovering my cd and dvd drives

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    I recently set up a network on my sons/my computers. Just a simple 100 Mbps one. He is running Windows XP Pro and I am running Windows XP Home. I set up the network, unsuccessfully, I might add and in the midst of all that, I lost the cd and the dvd drives on his computer. I should say now that I installed Norton Internet Security 2006 on his computer (but never registered or even finished setting it up, since we couldn’t use his computer yet for the internet–sorry for the digression).

    I have checked in My Computer (right clicked Manage) to see if his computer recognizes the drives, and it doesn’t have any listings at all in the Libraries. I also did a couple of system restores, which messed up the network, but didn’t fix the problem with the cd and dvd drives.

    Is there a simple solution to this, or will it be pretty involved? I am pretty new at figuring all this out and could really use some help from someone who has been through all this.

    Thanks in advance,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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