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    Hi guys,

    I am trying restore a windows 2003 DC with exchange and certificate services in a lab environment. I have aquired a lab machine with identical hardware to the live production server. I have ran a complete backup of the production server including exchange db’s and system state. On my lab machine im trying to restore, I have installed win 2003 with same volumes as the production server. Do i need to patch the server to the same sp level as the production server before i restore it? or can i install from default installation sp level. I have followed microsoft’s papers but when i reboot after restoring the system state and other volumes (not exchange db’s at this stage) it never works out – machine reboots at win2003 screen after a reboot the server from directory services restore mode. Can someone help me in with this issue. I am using Arcserve 11.1.

    Thanks guys


    PS This is the procedure i have done so far:

    Partition hdds with volumes identical to live server
    install 2003 without running dcpromo and at default sp level
    Install Arcserve
    reboot server in DS mode
    restore from tape (system state / c: d: volumes) select primary restore for ad replicas
    reboot = server reboots.

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