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    Hi guys,
    Here’s the deal:
    I have very little knowledge about winodws server in general and windows server 2003 in particular.
    I have a task to install a windows server 2003 on a dedicated machine that will accept incoming vpn clients from around the world.
    Here is what I have to work with :
    I have a cisco router that is also a DSL modem.
    that router is connected to a switch that gives all pc’s in the lan internal ip’s and all of them are using cisco gateway to access the internet.
    On this cisco (dont ask me how) there are 6 public ips that are given by the ISP.
    Now, I can connect a dedicated server machine to the sitch and give it manually one of the public ips I have and also use the ciscos gateway.
    this dedicated server is not supposed to connect to any pc’s in the LAN (it can be either way, dont care).
    From here I have no clue how to continue.
    I tried to read online books on this subject and read the microsoft step by step guide but the scenarios there are not like mine.
    mine is very simple but still have no idea what to do.
    Can anyone please help or atleast give me a usufull link for dummies?

    Thanks !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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