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    Johnny Quick

    Hello All !

    I’ve read all the articles provide by the links. Have made the decision that I do not want to “reset” the PW on the Win2000 machine and am willing to go through the hassle in order to “crack” it.

    First, I tried LC5 to try to access the Win2000 via the Speedstream 2604 and got an error message. I’ve never done this before, so I quit trying to access the machine remotely.

    So then I attached the boot HD from the Win2000 machine to my WinXP machine as slave, then copied the Sam and Sys files to the XP Primary.

    Ran LC5 for almost a full day, with the setting on “brute force” and it ran to 100% to no result. When I select all possible combinations, the time to decrypt is about 80 days.

    So now I am wondering if I followed the directions correctly. The Sam and Sys files where in the C:Winntsystem32config directory, but LC5 never asked for the Sys.

    I started reading the articles again, and read some others elsewhere. It is my understanding that the encryption for Win2000 is different than XP, and the Sys file is required to decrypt it, so I am wondering if I followed the procedure incorrectly.

    It’s difficult for me now to relate exactly what I did, but I have been trying for about 2 days. If someone could please just give me a “boost”, I would be most appreciative.

    Thanks in advance,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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