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    I had a server die the other day (Customer was warned but ignored it). Instead of buying a new server they asked me to setup their email on the sbs server next door. :lol:

    I pointed out what a bad idea that was but they were having none of it.
    The server next door hosts the domain for a sister company but they don’t use exchange for their e-mails.

    The result just now is that whenever company A (Blackhawk) sends an email to company B (marin) it gets stuck in the server.

    As the server hosts the domain for marin the emails get as far as the server, tries to find the mailbox, can’t then sends an NDR.

    What i need to happen is that email goes to the server, gets told it doesn’t really host the mail for marin then points it to the external mail hosting which marin connects to through POP to retrieve their e-mail.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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