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    Hello all.

    I need a script that can unmap and map printers based on AD computer group membership.

    I have various users, and they’re members of department groups.
    There are lots of computers, and a few laptops, I’ve started creating groups in AD for the computers based on “Department Name” PCs and adding them in there.

    I figured, the script needs to look if the computer is not in a group, unmap these printers, if it is in the group, map the printers.

    Then proceed down the list of Department PCs.

    I have one other question though, what happens if this is the second time they’ve logged on and the printer is already mapped from the last login, will it throw up and error or just leave it mapped?

    I’ve looked around, and there’s various different .bat or .vbs files, some require additional .exe files, I need something pretty simple, works in a login script in Group Policy.

    The one or two I’ve tried haven’t worked, nothing is mapped at all.

    Can someone help me out, thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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