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    We have a very STARNGE problem even difficult to explain
    First I want to remark that I read the article “finding delegates in active directory”

    When I send and appointment to user Orna I receive an ndr 5.1.1 about user Ittai !!

    User Orna was delegated to Ittai .
    User Ittai was ITai (one “t”) a longe time ago.

    Orna recive the appointment

    BUT! When I open the ndr and I select send again then
    I right click at the name of Ittai nar the to field and click properties
    I can see where the mail was delivered to when (the really email)
    And I see at the display name


    Itai one “T” !!

    I make a file with csvde and didn’t found “ITAI” 1 “T” at all.

    I have many questions and a few about exchange .

    1 When I send and appointment where is the mail I send?
    2 How can I track it?
    3 From where the calendars take the address?
    4 Where I suppose to browse from adsiedit.msc to find display names
    5 Where are the delegates rules or permissions to send appointment on behalf some one
    If this person isn’t delegate to send mail on behalf just appointments!
    6 Where I can find the “ITAI” error? I think is something at the exchange mess.

    Thank you for reading at the end any help will be grate!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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