My VPN is killing me

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    Ok, this is driving me mental with rage, anger and such.
    I have an SBS 2011 domain machine which has RRAS installed and configured.
    I can get any client (Mac, iPad, Win 7, Win XP) to connect and authenticate to the VPN. When connected, clients can ping any network resource.

    Clients used to be able to gain access to file shares by going to \SERVERNAME.domain.local however for some unknown reason, can no longer do this.

    I am baffled., Dunno where to start either.

    Ive tried setting the DNS server in ip4 config for the network adapters, I’ve tried setting WINS settings, gateways and such until im blue in the face.

    Anyone able to help out??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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