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    I am no Exchange Expert, our server is running for a long time now but I recently found out, that it distributes SPAM mails.

    After checking with mailradar open relay check I saw, that our server fails the tests 7, 8 and 14.

    I found in this forum a similar problem and it recommended to check:
    www amset info / exchange / smtp-openrelay.asp

    Unfortunately, my server settings are “correct”:
    Server / Protokoll / SMTP / Virtueller Standardsver für SMTP
    Under “RELAY”, I have set “only computer in the list below” + list is empty.

    (2) Connectors, SMTP Connector
    Adress Space is “*” and relay is not ticked (allow relay of messages to this domain; this is translated)

    I am using a GERMAN Small Business Server 2003; Exchange Server 6.5 Build 7638.2: SP2.


    We are using a smarthost for sending Email and I have access to the logfiles of the smarthost. It shows the sending process of the spam mails, so it is not a display problem of the mailradar relay check, the SPAM mail really get sent.

    The incoming mail comes from the internet, I verified this with wireshark.


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