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Multiple printers problem with Windows XP

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    I am a laptop technician at the Library at Oklahoma State University. We have laptops available for students to check-out here. Throughout the library there are around 10 printers placed around the building that the laptops can connect to with a USB cable to print. All of the printers are HP LaserJet 2300. My problem is this, a few years back we upgraded these laptops from Windows 2000 to XP. While using 2000 we used infared connection to print, but this became a problem so we did away with it. Doing this one printer could be installed on the laptops and as long as you connected to the same type of printer around the building you only had to install one printer on the laptops. With XP using USB a different printer is installed on the laptop for each individual printer that you connect to it. This makes it difficult for us because to print the user has to select the printer they are at and from the list of printers so that it will print instead of just clicking print and it works. I am looking for a way to automatically detect the connected printer and when the user clicks print it will print to the connected printer without the user haveing to select it from a list. Doing this will save time helping new people each semester showing them how to print. I would appreciate any help on this topic.

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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