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    Hi Team,

    There are few question in regards to the custom delegation. Keeping in point wise for helping me to implement.

    1) In custom task of delegation when I select both user and computer objects at the same time and click on next I see limited options even I have clicked General,Property specific and the third one. But if I select only one user object I can able to see the options which I want to delegate. My question would be Do I need to assign the tasks one by one that means to say after completing the user object and finishing the wizard once again I need to select the computer object and give the necessary permission. We can do it at once shot.

    2) Do install/unistall application can also be provided through Delegation to one of the OU for a specfic group.
    3) For executing the powershell that can also be achieved throguh delegation.
    4) There are two options listed below in the delegation creation and deletion ( Create Selected object and delete selected object ) what does that means exactly. In my opionin if I am selecting the user object and then both option I can able to create as well delete the new user correct me if I am wrong.

    I would really appreciate your valuable answers to kick it off to the implementation.


    Sumeet Mishra

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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