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    I’ve got my Terminal Server 2003 box set to disable the ability of my users to use drive mapping. This is because most of the users using my TS are home users, on their own personal machines, and I want to be sure they don’t bring along stuff from one of their drives which might spread to my TS.

    However, I also have a few people from a sister company who would benefit from being able to map drives with their account. I don’t see any way to control this by user account, or to create two connections on different IP addresses with different settings (I could them have users use two different ports).

    However, it does look as if you can bind an RDP connection to a specific NIC, so if I added a second NIC to this PC I think I can bind the current connection to the current NIC and bind a second connection to the new NIC. Then I can have the firewall direct traffic to the second NIC based on originating IP address or just use a different port.

    Has anyone tried something like this? Should it work?

    If I don’t bind the MS client and file/print to the new NIC will I avoid the problem of having two NICs broadcasting the same networking name?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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