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Multiple AD domains designing question

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    We want to be able to from domain > able to manage the other domain.

    We currently have one domain that’s 2003 AD domain.
    The domain name:
    (there isn’t a root AD domain called, only AD domain exists).

    We’re going to add another domain called (the name space has to be the same for political reasons).

    1. When installing the first DC for domain, a) is it better to add it as a new DC in an existing forest (the forest that was created when installing’s DC above) or b) is it better to install the DC as a new domain in a new forest and then manually create a two way trust afterwards with the above existing domain?

    2. The both domain’s DCs will be running an AD integrated DNS. Should I create a conditional forwarding to each other’s domain on each DNS?

    3. In this case, if the DC from ex) goes down, would the DC in take over (either a) or b) )? I’m not sure how the replication works in multiple domains.

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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