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Multiple 2008 servers

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    Hi All,

    Is there a way to add a second MS Server (in effect a standalone) to an existing MS Network without causing conflicts on that network?

    We write membership tracking software for non-profit organisations. Almost always we write using .Net and MSSQL as our database. Installing our software is fine when we control the network. However, we recently obtained a contract to provide our software to an organisation wherein the network (2008 R2) is managed and installed by another computer vendor (The network is using the 192.168.1…. range.) and we do not want to install our software on their hardware. They are not happy that we got the contract without them getting a cut. So we want a plug and play solution!

    In this instance we want to put our own MS server on the network; but want to ensure that it does not interfere with the existing MS 192.168 network. We can get the vendor to give us a specific fixed 192.168 IP address. While the customer just wants our software installed, the existing vendor is stating that we can not add another MS Server to the network. On another site we got around this vendor attitude by simply installing another Linux box with MySQL and making some amendments to our software to read from MySQL as opposed to MS SQL. Would it work if we were to set up our own server using second class C address range like 192.168.0.nn and let our software access the data by using that address in the connection string?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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