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    I have an easy task, but not sure how to do it. I have three tables:


    Each has different information in them as they come from three different sources that I do not control and import daily. There is no way to relate the info between as there are no common key fields.

    I want to take selected fields from each and put them into a fourth table, lets call it Table4. BUT I need to put the same info from each table into the same field of Table4


    C has 12 columns (Account Number, Amount, Date, Notes, Reference…etc)
    MS has 7 columns (Account Number, Cost, Date, Time, Buyer, Name…etc)
    S has 9 columns (Reference, Price, Date, Commission %, Amount…etc.)

    In Table4, I want to cherry pick fields in those above tables into one.

    In Table C, “Amount” goes into Column 5 of Table4. I also need “Cost” from Table MS to go into the same column and “Price” from Table S in the same column.

    So if I do Account Number, C and MS go into column 1 of Table4, but as Table S has no account number field, it will be blank.

    Once done I can export Table4 to an Excel sheet so one of our people can fill in the blanks from their paperwork. See example below.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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