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    A company I support has asked me to look into an upgrade for their aging 2010 Exchange inhouse server.

    I’m looking at Hosted Exchange or O365 Exchange Online (leaning towards O365 currently).

    I have a few questions and am hoping others may be help me out with some advice if possible.

    From what I’ve worked out, O365 Exchange Online provides you with more tools for managing your Exchange environment than Hosted Exchange does. Is that correct?

    I heard once that you had to pay for Exchange anti-virus with O365 Exchange, I heard it was an extra, is that true?

    Are there any ‘gotchas’ or things I should look out for that Microsoft don’t tell you about with O365 Exchange?

    I’ll have about 30-35 mailboxes to migrate and we aren’t planning on keeping an inhouse Exchange server. The largest mailbox is about 7GBs. I was thinking of just importing each PST individually. Does that sound like the best way to go with the data import into O365 Exchange?

    My client is still running Office 2007. I am planning on moving them to Office 2016, but not immediately. Will Outlook 2007 work OK with O365 Exchange?

    Thanks for any help & advice

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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