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Moving Sent Items to another folder based on sent date

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    Hi –

    I have a user (several in fact, but one today) that has amassed 25000+ items in his sent items folder and 25000+ emails in his inbox. He is using outlook 2007 against exchange 2003. As you can imagine, the time to query the server for each of these folders has gotten quite long.

    To speed it up, I recently switched this user from non-cached to cached mode which did resolve some of these slows but now outlook is complaining the number of items in his sent folder exceeds the limit.

    our email policy is to NOT create PSTs, due to manageability issues, so an autoarchive option is simply out. so, simple answer – move previous years sent items to sub-folders (e.g. “sent items 2010” and “sent items 2011”).

    i have been doing this with his inbox already. it was pretty simple to create a rule that said “if received in 2010, move to inbox – 2010 folder” and that ran great. (even doing that, he wound up with 25000 items in his inbox from just this year alone).

    i thought i could do the same thing with sent items and proceeded to try, only to realize that standard rules for sent items could not be done based on “sent date”.

    After much web searching, i came across a VBA script someone wrote to manually move the selected mail items to a predefined folder. It works great, it’s just really slow going as i cannot select all emails at once, but must select 50 or so, then run the script, and then wash rinse repeat. Even with the script assigned to a button, it’s tedious.

    Can anyone point me to a more expedient way of doing this, one that simply runs as the inbox rules do?

    Another thought i had was filtering the view to just the date range i wanted and then running a rule without selection criteria (i.e. runs on all items in the folder). Would doing that run against all items despite the filtered view, or only the items showing in the filtered view? I was hoping someone could answer that for me.

    thanks for your time in advance. I really would appreciate any help you can provide.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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