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    i hope this isn’t too beneath the level of this forum! :)

    i have a user who moved from our warehouse location to our corporate location. she had her ‘my documents’ folder made available for offline use and pointing to a share on the file server at the warehouse. she moved here to corporate, so i copied her files to a share on our file server here, then moved her offline target to the local share here. i then took her warehouse files and moved them out of share’s way. that part all work perfectly. except…

    every 60 minutes (the default sync interval), she gets a balloon in the systray saying “‘’ is still offline. click this icon to view status.” is the warehouse file server i moved her files from. i have been through every setting and can’t find anything that would still be pointing there.

    this is annoying, but non-critical, as she is syncing fine with the local server. anyone have any ideas where this antiquated reference to the warehouse server might reside on her laptop? the registry, probably?


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