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    I have a cunning plan, but wanted to see if anyone tell me it is a bad idea. I plan on running a test before performing the live migration anyway.

    My scenario is this:

    Current setup:

    Windows 2003 SBS at site A with a terminal server
    Workgroup at site B with people logging into the terminal server at site A

    The job is to install a new 2008 SBS server at site B with a new terminal server whilst the old server at site A will remain controlling the machines over there. Essentially the main/remote sites are swapping over.

    I can’t do a migration as the old SBS server needs to stay online and downtime needs to be minimal so my plan is this:

    1) Shut down Exchange on the 2003 SBS.
    2) Copy the .edb files and take them to the 2008 site.
    3) At the 2008 site, I will have an Exchange 2003 Standard server attached to the SBS domain into which I can load the .edb files using LegacyDN to get them to match the new domain.
    4) Use the 2008 SBS server to migrate the mailboxes into Exchange 2007
    5) Decommission the Exchange 2003 Standard server.

    I’ve used legacydn in migrations before, but never where there destination 2003 server is attached to a 2007 environment.

    I’d rather not have to mess around with exporting and importing things. The other alternative is to attach an 2007 Exchange standard server to the Exchange 2003 SBS server and move that to the 2008 SBS but I’ve never used LegacyDN with 2007.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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