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More than Basix Scripting win 10- Batch file Help

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    Hi Guys n Girls.

    I’m trying to create a batch script to load at windows start.
    Using Windows 10 Home 64bit and a paid for version of DAEMON Tools Lite 10.4 which includes the Unlimited Devices extra part.
    I’ve chosen to use daemon tools over Win 10’s mount, for peace of mind for my clients. Windows 10 won’t hold the image and my scripting attempts to have them load on startup caused too many “Annoying windows” So i am sticking with Daemon. I used to run this way with Win 7 and it worked flawlessly, but Windows 10 and keeping up with new os’s has thrown some disc dropping in., I am trying to alleviate this by running the script and am having some teething issues making it work.

    My goal is to be able to open Daemon tools through a script Unmount all drives, Then mount the following disks to the following drives. I believe all the drives stay attached even if empty. But if you know this to not be true would appreciate adding that step into the script as well. here’s what i have so far.

    I don’t claim to be an expert, At best i think novice gives me too much credit. The following is compiled from basic commanding found on google. And clearly it’s not working for me.

    Echo off
    sleep 30
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, E, “C:Xfer HereDVDD0001-26.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, F, “C:Xfer HereDVDD0002-26.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, I, “C:Xfer HereDVDD0003-26.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, J, “C:Xfer HereDVDD0004-26.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, K, “C:Xfer HereDVDD0005-26.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, L, “C:Xfer HereDVDD0006-15.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, M, “C:Xfer HereDVDD0007-04.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, N, “C:Xfer HereDVDD0008-00.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, O, “C:Xfer HereDVDR0009-77.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, P, “C:Xfer HereDVDR0010-61.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, Q, “C:Xfer HereDVDR0011-48.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, R, “C:Xfer HereDVDR0012-40.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, S, “C:Xfer HereDVDR0013-40.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, T, “C:Xfer HereDVDR0014-26.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, U, “C:Xfer HereDVDR0015-17.iso”
    timeout /t10
    DTAgent.exe -mount, dt, V, “C:Xfer HereDVDR0016-03.iso”
    timeout /t10

    Any help or further conversations relating to this would be greatly appreciated! I intend on using this script for multiple pc’s which are always setup the same.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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