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    I’m a IT Tech for a company of about 200pc’s, and 20 servers.

    Wondering if anyone has come across a free tool that can easily monitor servers(cpu/memory load, disk performance) and network equipment (bandwidth/throughput). Additionally it would be nice to have it alert me if a server or router or switch goes down… possibly through ICMP ping or SNMTP, regardless… some alerting system is necessary!

    We currently have PRTG monitor(server performance and availability) & Netflow Analyzer (for network traffic on our Cisco equipment). However, these are only trial or free version which limit you to the number of interfaces and sensors… not really ideal for monitoring everything.

    I’ve been trying out Cacti, Zenoss, GroundWorks, OpenNMS, and the learning curve for these is steep (Linux & Python) and I’m afraid I don’t have the time to learn it all.

    I am just trying to put as many systems in place to keep my workload down as I’m am 1 of 2 tech people for this company and I handle most of the everyday Helpdesk/Maintenance stuff.

    Thanks in advance! :beer:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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