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    Hi there, any MOM 2005 experts around?

    We have a new implementation of MOM 2005, which I am figuring my around; however I am unable to successfully configure alert notifications via email.

    I have tried using an internal email (internal domain not registered), an external email (external registered domain), a distribution group, and internet email, none of which I can get to work.

    I set up a rule group name for security purposes, and created three event rules which alert when the domain admin group is changed, a user is added, a user is removed.

    These rules work ok, as I can view alerts on the MOM 2005 Ops Console whenever I manipulate the domain admin group.

    But I get no email alert. I created a new notification group, created a new operator, and tried the three different email addresses on the operator, no joy.

    Global settings is configured with the ip address of one of te Exchange servers, and I have tried various different emails as the ‘return’ address, which I understand has to be an internet address.

    I have also tried the registry hack which involves createing a new DWORD named sendsmtpanonymous, still no joy.

    I have set up scheduled report subscriptions, which are sent to a distribution group which contains a contact, and these work perfectly, on time every morning.

    But I can’t get alert notification emails to work at all.

    Anyone know what I’ve missed out?

    I purchased the MOM 2005 unleashed book, the only real mention of configuring alert notification emails refers to a page in the MS knowledge base, which I have went through step-by-step, but still it won’t deliver alert emails.

    Help most welcome!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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