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    Hi all,
    this seemed to be the most appropriate forum to post this in, but no doubt it will be moved if it.

    Ok, so i’m thinking of phasing out our BESX install with 35 users (Bold 9780) for many reasons including sync’ing issues, handset failures etc.

    Regardless, i’m looking into the windows 8 phones. After all one would expect this kind of phone to work seemlessly with MS Exchange.
    However, we are on 2007 SP3, so i’m looking for advice and/or experience of anyone with a similar setup.

    My main drawback is (i think), that with blackberry devices you can lock them right down within BESX admin and disallow users from installing apps etc.
    Will activesync policies on E2k7 allow the same amount of central admin control over windows 8 mobile devices?

    The other option is android smart phones. We already have a few iphones on the system, but they are hellish expensive.
    I’m trying to keep the devices down to around £200 each (sim-free) and the Nokia Lumia 620 sits in that bracket nicely.

    These devices really will be for phones calls, and email/contact/calendar sync’ing with exchange. They must be simple to use and again the Lumia 620 seems to fit that bill.

    Thanks for any advice offered.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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