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    I’m a new to VBS. I’ve taken C+, Turbo Pascal and Basic years ago so I have some idea about the logic of scripting and code.

    I manage a small site with 40 computers. I’ve upgraded just about everyone to W2K and XP Pro in the past year or so. I’ve still got a few workstations running 98se. This is also a 2003 server domain with AD. What I wanted to do initially is to rid myself of the login.bat for the container. I read somewhere that 98 wouldn’t process a VBS script unless I downloaded some client piece that would do it. I tried, no go. So I put the .bat file back in. I’m doing nothing with it other than mapping 3 drives. One thing that I have going on, too is that a few users in one department are having to map an additional drive for their application.

    What I’d like to do is have a few conditions where IF the OS=98 it would call a batch file and exit the VBS for that login then let the bat file map the drives for that user.

    I’d also like to have all my users in groups where IF the group=admin THEN it would map drives then install printers if they don’t already exist.

    This site was linked from another site where I bought 3 docs with basic scripting in them for logins, printers, etc. That was good for me. I just need to tweak them a little.

    Now the catch is this; when the users log in with XP or W2K they get a red x on the drive mapping saying it doesn’t exist although it does. So I can’t disconnect it since it thinks it isn’t there. Maybe I can with a logoff script and make them go away. I read and search and asked questions about why this was happening and have yet to recieve an answer. But I think I figured it out a few days ago.

    If a directory under Servere is shared, it would look like \servershare hence resulting with the red X. If I map to a UNC path it does right….I think. It looked like it but I’ve not been able to confirm that completely. So I think when doing login scripts I need to consider that.

    I’m also open to any comments or ideas on how to make the network better and easier to administer with scripting.

    So while I’m babbling, any help with the conditions in a login script for departments and 3 different OS’ in a OU would be appreciated.


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