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    I have very peculiar requirement for migrating to exchange 2007 from exchange 2000/3.
    Currently there are multiple forests present without having any AD connection between them. There is no trust relationship between them. There is a separate exchange organization for each forest.
    I have a challenge to consolidate all these domains in single domain-single forest. All mailboxes will be migrated from these forests to single forest. A new Exchange organization will be setup for all these migrated users and mailboxes.
    I thought of creating trust relationship and migrate users using ADMT v3.0 and move-mailbox cmdlet to move mailbox across forest. But Client is not willing to open necessary ports (e.g.135, 445,389, etc…) for trust relationship.
    Ex-merge (Import-Mailbox) is also not supported in exchange 2007 till SP1 comes.
    There is no need for synchronization of AD accounts.
    I have few question about migration by considering above facts.
    If I move mailboxes using move-mailbox cmdlet without trust relationship a disabled user is generated and Linked mailbox is created. I can enable the user with new password. I am able to access linked mailbox with this new credential. Is there any limitation with linked mailbox compare to user mailbox? Is there any way I can convert my linked mailbox to user mailbox.?
    Is there any tool to migrate AD users across forest with SID and password?
    Is there any way I can setup a trust relationship without opening so many ports and just single port? (I guess IPSec/VPN is one of the option. Please provide more information about the same if you have)
    Or any other solution that will fit in above setup.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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