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Migration of SBS 2003 to cloud – advice please!

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    Hi guys

    Apologies for cross-post, wasn’t sure which forum to post this in.

    I have a client with an old SBS 2003 box which he needs to decom. He would like to migrate all data and services to one or more Cloud providers. This isn’t something I’ve been involved in before – up to now I’ve been migrating to new tin on-premise with SBS2011 – so I’d like to bounce it off you guys for some ideas, suggestions, advice, gotchas etc please!

    The services are very rudimentary: generic F&P (with AD group folder permissionining on the files); AD DC holding half a dozen user objects and slightly more computer objects; Exchange with half a dozen or so mailboxes.

    For the F&P (well, the F part – we can use one of the desktops for a print server) I’m looking at one of the “Team” type file storage offerings: Dropbox for Teams; Gladinet for Teams; Google Docs, something like that (I looked at Syncplicity but it’s expensive for the amount of storage you get). All of these allow folder-level permissioning. Gladinet is a nice solution I think, as I understand it it allows you to map to cloud storage at folder level same as you would for an on-premise F&P server.

    He is concerned about access to data if, for instance, his Internet connection fails, however all of these offer offline folder storage – just means we’ll perhaps need to buy some bigger hard drives for his PCs!

    This particular client has a caveat which kind of flies in the face of the cloud benefits model, insofaras he only wants his data accessible in the office rather than the “everything everywhere” idea. To comply with this, and simultaneously secure his data both in transit and at rest, I was looking at a client-side encryption system like Cloudfogger, BoxCryptor or SafeSync. With these enabled the data would be accessible anywhere but unreadable unless the employee had the client installed, and more specifically, the account credentials to decrypt thte data.

    I haven’t discussed Outlook/Exchange yet as I’ve not found a nice elegant transparent client-side encryption system for cloud-based mail storage.

    Basically I want the userbase to have as seamless and transparent migration experience as possible and for the end result to have little to no impact on current working practices, whilst simultaneously squaring off all the security and performance concerns.

    What have you guys done for these sorts of projects? Are the solutions I’m looking at viable or are there better? What are the pros/cons in real-world situations? What were the gotchas? How do you implement a GPO-based desktop (specifically Windows OS lockdown) security policy to the with no AD/DC and people just authenticating directly to their data rather than their domain?

    Apologies if this has been answered before, I did look but couldn’t see anything.

    Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer guys, and apologies for asking such broad and far-reaching questions!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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