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Migrating Windows 2K to 2K3 with FSMO roles Down

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    Needing some quickly help here

    We have a DMZ domain for our Extranet, this domain consist of four Boxes,
    one for the extranet itself,one for the extranet development and two boxes which holds
    the two domain controllers which also are in a cluster for some file sharing.

    The problem is that one of those node (of the cluster) failed last night with a hard disk
    alarm, that node holds 3 of the five FSMO roles (been Infraestructure Master, Relative ID (RID) Master and
    PDC Emulator).

    These nodes are with Windows 2000 SP4, so with have some new boxes for a fast migration which we want to do it
    quickly but right.

    We have already the boxes (but we gonna work with one box first) running Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2, so What I have in mind
    is :

    Configure The Windows 2003 as a Domain Controller
    Seize the FSMO to this new Box
    Convert the new 2003 as a Global Catalog

    The Windows 2000 domain is Not Native and also the domain controller that is UP is running Exchange 2000 but I can see that is
    only 8.82MB (in change or remove programs) and we don’t use exchange in that DMZ, so I don’t really know what exchange is doing there.

    Any advice??
    Anything that I need to check befiore doing something?

    A better way to do this (or a Good one)?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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