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    James Haynes

    i have approx. 550 users in my exchange org.

    currently, all users mailboxes are in the ‘first storage group’, which is a RAID 5 and has a total of 100 gigs.

    i also use GFI mailarchiver and the dB for this is on a separate drive, with ~400 gigs (398 ) . all mail is archived prior to the user sending or receiving any messages.

    my original intention was to have the users keep a clean inbox, and to use the archive for messages older than 90 days…

    unfortunately, this did happen the way i wanted. my boss was scared to let me impose mail store limits (i know.. but i had no choice, go figure) and now im getting to deal with the pressure…

    heres my setup:
    dell poweredge 1855; 2×3.6 xeon
    4 gigs of DDR running at 400mhz
    80 gigs internal stroage (2×40 gigs mirrored)
    mailstores, SMTP t-logs, SQL dB/t-logs, mailarchiver, etc, = all on separate drives of various RAID levels on an EMC powerpath DAE

    as you can see, the hardware isnt cheap or slow by any means, but im still concerned with the amount of time it will take to move these mailstores and what will happen to the end users while its happening…

    all i want to do is create a second storage group and move the entry level clients to the new storage group, where there will be some limitations to inbox size and retention policies in place…

    what happens to the end user while mail boxes are being moved? i assume their mail box will be unavailable, yeah?

    and how long do you think it will take? im thinking this will be a 12 hour move if i only move 350 of them, but i never have.. a ball park is all i need. right now the average users inbox is about 400 megs, but i have a few problem children that are pushing 950 megs to 1.2 gigs…

    i know this is a very vague question, but any input or experiences would be appreciated. thanks guys!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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