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    Originally Posted by guyt
    I do not think there is a need to over-complicate this:

    1) Create two-way trust between the W2K3 AD and NT domain

    2) Migrate the user accounts using ADMT

    3) Move the mailboxes using ExMerge (or you want to go creative, you might try AD Connector)

    The final result will be: all users are in the W2K3 AD.

    I’m in the process of Migrating NT 4 Domain to Win2K3 AD, from the steps which you have provided is i can migrate Domain Objects such as; users & computers. But what about after migrating all the computers and Users from NT 4 To AD Domain, what to do with the NT Domain? Shall i just demote it and get rid of it?

    In this case if I’m going to create two-way Trust between domains, it means that the NT Domain is in different Name and the new Win2k3 AD is in different Name like NT.Local and AD.Local.

    What about the computers NetBIOS Names? Is that will be changed from NT.local to AD.Local during the Migration?

    Thank you all for your great help.

    BR, Habibalby

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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