Migrating away from NT4

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    I have read posts all day, you guys are very talented and your advice is useful, so I wanted to get some opinions…..

    Ok this is the situation, I started this job 4 weeks ago and am working on undoing the ills of the old admin who was very lazy.

    This isnt going to be an overnight fix, I own ghost 8, 9 and 2003, usb, ide and nas HD’s to image to and I want to test as much as possible before going live….

    First a look at what I’m dealing with;

    Network Environment:
    Cisco 1700 provides dhcp and resolves DNS to ISP, switches, hubs galore

    Server Environment:
    WINNT 4 Server PDC = 2x 450mhz, 512mb RAM with scary low disk space
    PDC does not use wins or dns
    WINNT 4 Server BDC = P3 933, 256mb RAM that was an old dell precison once
    BDC isnt doing anything except replicating
    WIN2K Member server runs terminal services, and mdaemon :cry:
    WIN2K3 Member server runs sqlbase and storage for users

    Workstation Environment:
    98,2000 and xp (no linux,nt workstation, 95 or vista) mostly 2000
    82-100 users

    So this is what I was thinking…..
    1.) Buy a new server which I can find NT 4 drivers for…load nt4 server,make it a bdc, promote it to pdc, upgrade to win2k, install AD, get dns going, run dhcp from firewall and point dns back to DC and then in time upgrade to 2k3 server


    2.) buy a new server with 2003 already on it, create a separate subnet, create a 2way trust between domains, move things over gradually and phase the old domain out in time

    what do you think?

    I dont need to do this today, but soon

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