Migrating a domain

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    I am soon to move several businesses into one domain, presently parts of the business log onto a particular domain under each of the subsidury domain names and two parts have complete seperate domains, controllers exchange boxes etc.

    I am going to build all the servers exchnage, File servers etc (w2k3 and exchange 2003) required naming the domain the same as main part of the business. And move the seperate business wioth their own boxes first. How can i stop users losing any profile settings when they log onto the new domain. In terms of setting up the server etc i am pretty much ok… (i think) But in terms of try to automate users joing a different domain name and making that easier….

    IS their a script i could run which would copy the old profiles into the new when logging on, is there a way of copying the system state data from the old server and domain so that they would keep their GUID…?

    any suggestions on making this as easy as possible would be greatefully accepted.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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