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    Hi, I have taken over the 2 company servers and need to migrate them as they are old and have issues.

    Both are used as file servers and hold a lot of data. So I intend to replace them with 2 new physical servers or maybe one with 2 VMs, but I think physical maybe better option.

    Server 1 is a SBS 2011 with about 600GB of file data all on the C: drive :-), Exchange is not used as they have IMAP/POP3 (this will be going to o365 or cloud hosted exchange). It is used as a fileserver/dhcp/dns.

    Server 2 Is running 2012 but looks like it was upgraded from SBS, it is used a file server and has about 400G of data on the C: drive, it also has DNS an is used as backup DC I assume.

    I plan to 2 new servers and add them as DCs, one will be used for dhcp and dns, I assume I can add the dhcp (disabled) and make it live when the old server is offline.

    Once data is moved from old servers to the 2 new ones or VM (though it’s a lot of data to hold on a VM) I assume I have to uninstall Exchange from the old SBS 2011 and run DCPROMO on the SBS 2011 and then turn it off?

    I will be backing up using the FREE Veeam Agent (great bit of software BTW)

    Am I missing anything re housekeeping or critical tasks?

    Many thanks in advance for any advice or direction.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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