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    Hi Folks,

    first off I’m not so able with DSN and stuff like that and my company is so big that it’s almost impossibile to talk to a sys admin.
    I work for this company, that I’ll call “DELTACORP”, since few years and I’ve inherited a virtualized (with VMServer 1.0.3) Windows 2003 Server machine used as DNS for a third level dadicated to my departement: “labs.deltacorp.com”. Active Directory is not installed because we don’t use it.
    I’d like to migrate my DNS server running on a very obsolete platform, that is causing me a lot of trubles, on a Windows Server 2012R2 machine. My question is: for using my new Windows 2012R2 machine as DNS for “labs.deltacorp.com” domain what I have to do? Is it enough that it has the same IP address, tha same name and the same DNS file database of the old machine or it is necessary a sort of “authorization” from “deltacorp.com” dns server? Thanks in advance. Filomena

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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