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    I’ve come into a company to tidy up their mess of an infrastructure. The main piece of this mess is the Exchange System.

    At current, the system has been built from a ‘How to’ book by their old IT guy, who has no previous exchange experience, and it’s a little over the top for an office of 20 people. He’s also done it on servers older than most people grandparents so i’m planning to migrate it onto a new server.

    The surrent set up, on a 2003 domain, has a cluster of 2 x Exchange 2007 servers, sharing the EDBs between them, with the 1st server running the CAS and the Unified Messaging, the 2nd server not really doing much. THe Mail Stores are on a seperate 2 servers, which were replicating, and is now broken. There is also a seperate Exchange 2003 server running the public folders.

    I need to get ALL of this, onto one server… I have a nice powerful beast of an HP to put it all on. My plan is to install Exchange 2007 onto the new server once connected to the domain, and i’m hoping it will pick up all of the Exchange ‘settings’ (Unified Messaging etc) from the Organization. I will then migrate each users mailbox over to the new server using the Mailbox wizards. I will re-create the public folders rather than migrating them over from 2003.

    At this point is where i’m a little stuck as to where i go next, i will need to make sure the new server is handling the Unified Messaging and the CAS roles before i take the old ones offline. Does anyone have any concerns as to what issues i may face doing this?

    The reason i ask, rather than just getting on with it, is i’m having to do this migration live, over evenings and a weekend. This company does not have the resources to replicate this into a test environment first, and also the hard drives are popping like balloons on the old servers so time is the main issue.

    At the end of this, i want to have the new server doing everything, and all of the old 5 servers, in the recycle bin!

    I would appreciate input from anyone willing to give their opinions.

    Many Thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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