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    Hello All,

    I am requesting your expert advice regarding the response time for Microsoft Office, in particular Excel 2007 and Word 2007. I have three employees saying they are using excel and when moving from cell to cell there is a noticable delay. This would not be a big problem, but it happens every time the employee wants to move a cell, which can be tideous.

    Also, one employee has said it takes about a minute for a simple word file to open and the entire application is slow to type in and edit. At first I said it was probably his older Windows XP machine being slow, but the issue still remains and it would be nice to have the problem resolved.

    I have researched both of these issues and the excel forums say to start in safe mode, then rename the registry key, but that does not fix the issue. Also, it is said on most forums the issue lays within the networking. Can somebody please tell me some tricks they use to troubleshoot networking errors such as this?

    Here is our network summary:
    We are a financial institution with three branches. Two of the branches have a direct line to the internet and the third shares the internet from one of the two primary branches. We have a VPN across all three branches and routes back to our service provider, which means there is a Juniper firewall at each location. At the two primary branches there is also a Sophos UTM 200 which acts as a web filter and IPS/IDS. We have one DNS server with Server 2008 R2 and that uses AD for all profiles in our institution.

    Microsoft Office 2007 info:
    We use Office 2007 pro and the only plugins I know of would be AdobePDF.

    If you need more info about our network please ask.

    Thank You,

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