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    Hi all, i’m setting up a testlab where all host are IPv6 only, now my configuration is the following:
    1- server 2008 that is AD/DS server, DHCP and DNS for my entire lan with some subnet
    2- 2 client IPv6
    3- Cisco Router 1861 that works as Default gateway with nat-pt configured…

    i can ping all the internet using the :: like 2001:23:: and i works! but if i try to surf the web using any browser i can’t, i suppose that this is because my host make an AAAA query but the dns server can’t respond in ipv6 and it’s drop the packet…

    searching on the internet i’ve read about DNS64 and that the only program for windows with this feature is Forefront UAG, but i can’t find anywhere how i can setup it???

    can somebody help me??

    thanks you all!


    (p.s. Sorry for my horrible english)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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