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    I wonder if someone could advise/give an opinion on the following issues we are having.

    We use MessageLabs (Symantec Cloud) for our Email and our clients need to send email to the newspapers who mostly seem to be using Postini these days.

    We seem to have the situation where postini block the Message Labs servers at certain times and I’m guessing that MessageLabs then talk to Postini to get themselves removed, this happens a few times every day which results in Email NDR’s to someone you emailed this morning/this afternoon.

    MessageLabs did have a recent problem with SORBS which according to them has been fixed, anoyone know if postini uses something else?

    We are getting to the stage where we think that we’ll ditch MessageLabs and go to another provider, any recommendations?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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