mcafee causing sbs 2003 r2 to crash

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    I recently installed Mcafee Total Protection for small business on all my client PCs as well as my server (Dell Poweredge 2900). When I came in the morning after, the server had blue screened with a stop error and of course no one could get on the system. In my haste to get everything back up and running, I didn’t write down the stop error. I rebooted and everything was fine for a while until it crashed and again I mistakenly did not write down the stop error code. Well, I finally turned off the mcafee services knowing that it must be the culprit as I had just installed it. It hasn’t crashed since. So, here is my question. I can’t find anything in the logs about the crash, so do I start the services up again and wait for it to crash and write everything down? One thing I’m very worried about is that it’ll cripple the system. That’s one thing I don’t want to deal with. Are there known issues with anti virus causing sbs to crash? Is it possibly checking files that it shouldn’t? Any info would be greatly appreciated as well as advice. If more info is needed, let me know.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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