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    I’ve ran into a weired issue recently. I’ll run down the history quickly for you. It seems like there’s an easy fix, but I just can’t figure it out. If this problems needs to be moved to the scripting directory, please move if necessary.

    About a month ago we did a file server migration from one server to another. This file server was the location for the users “home” directory. The UNC path is \serverhome%username%private-data.

    If a user wants to share a file on the network for others to see, they store the file in the %username% folder. If they want to keep the file private, they store in the private data folder.

    In our script, we have 2 lines in question. This script is stored on our domain controllers in the Netlogon share and is assigned to the Profile tab for each user that makes use of the script.

    net use P: \serverhome This maps the users to the public directory.
    net use W: /home This maps the user to their private-data.

    However, while performing the server migration, I noticed that the users had a their home folder set on the Profile tab of the profile. Which was \serverhome%username%private-data and was also set to the drive letter W.

    Now, I didn’t notice an issue until myself and the other network administrator got new laptops. We have also seen this issue on various other computers throughout the network, which were also new computers.

    However, when we logon our W drive is mapped to \serverhome, when it should be \serverhome%username%private-data.

    Since the time of seeing this, I have removed the net use W: /home from the script. After doing this and logging in for the first time, I get no W drive at all. Which means it’s not even finding my profile on the domain. For kicks, I plugged into a wired LAN line and recieved the same results to ensure that it was not using a cached version of my profile.

    I have verified that all permissions are exactly the same as they were on the old server.

    Any help would be appreciated. If you need more info, please let me know.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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