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    Hi, I’m hoping I can get some help on this issue thats been haunting a user of mine for months. We have server 2008 R2 Std, user computer is XP Pro. her mapped drive disconnects randomly, while she’s working and the only way to reconnect is to reboot the machine or log off. The drive is still there, no red X, but when you click on it it says “H: is not accessible, the network path was not found” I’ve done the following:

    firewall is off on both machine and server
    IP is static
    lanman server autodisconnect is set to fffff
    mapping the drive by IP and hostname
    nic is not in power save
    tried switching out nic
    switched out cable
    switched out switch and plugged directly to the wall
    ran a cable directly to the switch
    switched out the PC completely twice, one with another XP, the other with Win7

    When this happens, I can still ping the server both by IP and hostname and the server can ping the machine both by IP and hostname. This is only happening to 1 user.


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