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    I have a SBS 2011 on which the console.exe crashes when i go to the network tab. I have to go there to edit the pop3 connector settings. Since it crashes i cannot go there and i need to be there since we switched from hosting providers.

    How can i manually edit the pop3 connector settings?

    I already tried opening the console in safe mode, it also crashes when i go to the network tab.

    SMTP is out (you Always get answers telling you to use SMTP instead of pop3).


    in the dir C:Program FilesWindows Small Business ServerData is a file called pop3records.dat
    It appears the records are in here.
    Editing with notepad is not a good idea. Will look into it.


    opening in Excel works, but alle the passwords for the mailboxes are hashed (wich is a good thing) and that leaves me still stuck.

    [another update]

    so manually editing the pop3connector settings did not work so i went to look to the console problems. Tons of Google hits on that one.

    I finally got one that edited the console.exe.config file to disable a page in /safe mode.

    Go to the C:Program FilesWindows Small Business ServerBin folder en edit the console.exe.config file

    There you see the pages that are enabled when you launch the sonsole in /safe mode.

    Since i thought my console crashes when i go to the network path and it checks on all computer that was a good way to close that. So i changed my “true” to “false” saved the file to my desktop since i cannot save it to that folder at once. Renamed the old file and copied the new one from my desktop to the bin folder and after that i started the console in /safe mode and i could enter the pop3 connector to change my settings.

    Thanks Google!!! and Technet.

    i Always hate it to find unanswered questions so i posted my “solution” to my problem here to support since i find it a great source on SBS problems.

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