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    I’m still moving mail boxes from 2003 to 2010 sp1 and this error started showing up this morning

    MSExchangeMailboxAssistants 14029
    FreeBusy Assistant

    “Couldn’t find an Exchange 2010 or later public folder server with a replica for the free/busy folder:”

    I fired up the public folder managment console and it sees the public folders on 2003 no problem and this error just started this morning. checked the 2003 event logs and ran these:

    Get-publicfolder NON_IPM_SUBTREE -recurse |ft Name,Replicas >d:tempNON_IPM_SUBTREE.txt
    Get-PublicFolder “non_ipm_subtreeschedule+ free busy” -recurse |fl name,*rep* >d:tempfreebusy.txt
    Get-PublicFolderStatistics |fl >d:temppublicfolderstatistics.txt

    They appear configured and working. so I will ask the dumb question what am I missing? does there need to be a copy on the 2010 server?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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